Special Education Law

Special Education law is a highly complex practice area that requires in-depth knowledge of Federal and State laws covering educational requirements for children with special needs

The attorneys at Bergmann Good have a keen understanding of what it is like to search for help for a child with special needs.

We also know that the law is on your side in getting the help you need for your child.  Simply put, the law states that every disabled child is entitled to an appropriate education that will meet each child’s unique needs and prepare each child for further education, employment, and independent living.  The law further states that a school’s legal responsibility is not limited just to academics but rather the school must also help each child with developmental and functional needs by providing psychological counseling, physical therapy, occupational therapy, social skills training and other services.

The attorneys at Bergmann Good can help your child receive the special education services he/she is entitled to by law.

Special Education Services:

  • Helping parents understand the law and school requirements
  • Litigation against the school district
  • Litigation and mediation support
  • Disability accommodations support
  • Section 504 and ADA claims